I’m Safe under your High Hill

Photography animation: high heel collage + play around with toys under/on top of real high hills (via videopong.net)

Build Cut Lery

Stop motion animation @ Videopong

Steps in Colour

Coloured People walk down my [oxford] street @ Videopng [better resolution version]

Lost In Storage

Walking around a Storage floor

Walking under circles

A short mix from Ds WAY Live VJ Act

Download @ Vimeo

In Use


Download @ Videopong.net


No no NO

Download @ Videopong.net

24 Hours


Download @ Videopong.net


Never too late for HallowInn blackats mix…

Download @ http://www.videopong.net/?action=detail&dirid=0czib9mvrgn

Switch it On

shower curtain + switch + walk

Download @ Videopong.net


Types & Graphics

Download @ videopong.net

Head Cuts

Very mixed media.

Download @ videopong.net

Shopping Bug

How do you carry yours?

Download @ videopong.net

Down under

A short loop from Budapeste Underground, Hungary

Download @ archive.org

Pirate Counts from Ds WAY on Vimeo.

Pirate Counts

A short mix from Ds WAY Live VJ Act @ Vimeo